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Providing Conferring Tools & Supporting Strong Reading Habits

PocketConnie supports teachers with high quality conferring tools and professionally led workshops.

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Get to know your readers with the PocketConnie Assessment tool.

Target your instruction with conferences selected specifically for your student.

Improve your practice with engaging, actionable professional development, in person and on-line.


97% of teachers said PocketConnie improved their conferring practice. 


PocketConnie has over 50 conferences that support students to increase their reading volume.

Over 90%

Over 90% of teachers who have used PocketConnie gave more effective feedback. 

How PocketConnie Works

Developed by a new teacher and an experienced literacy coach, PocketConnie puts high quality conferring support in any teachers pocket. Our web tools and engaging PD help teachers improve their reader analysis and conferring skills.

We do this by also providing assessments, scripts and resources. With PocketConnie even brand new teachers can improve student’s reading engagement with high quality, targeted 1:1 instruction in-person, in distance learning or in a hybrid model. Contact us to learn more

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What We Do

We support schools who use independent reading and/or a Reader’s Workshop approach to help build lifelong readers. We know that in a workshop it can be challenging to make sure that all students are engaged and using their independent reading time effectively.

Our conferring tool helps teachers provide targeted 1:1 support to their readers. We help teachers to focus on building student’s reading identity and developing strong reading habits to increase student’s independent reading stamina and engagement.

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PocketConnie is available now for school districts and their teachers.

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News & Announcements

September 22, 2022

Join us for our website launch party! Join us as we celebrate our new website, tools and fall PD schedule! Register here! 

July 28, 2022

Connie presents an AFT Webinar on Rethinking Small Group Work. Learn more and register here

Jan 3, 2022

PocketConnie partners begin exclusive early access to the new website! 

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