Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase just the online tools without the PD? 

No.  We believe that these tools only work when teachers and classrooms are set up for conferring success.  The Foundational Skills Workshop and Collaborative Feedback Sessions are crucial to making sure you have the routines and structures in place to use the tools effectively.  

Can I renew my access to the tools? 

Yes!  Once you have taken a session of PocketConnie PD (the Foundational Skills Workshop and Collaborative Feedback Sessions) you will have one year of access to the web tools.   After that year you will be able to renew access to the tools (and our monthly office hours) for $100 a year. 

What if I can't attend the PD sessions? 

When you purchase you will be prompted to choose session dates.  Please choose a session when you can attend all the session dates.  If something unexpected comes up and you can't make a session, please contact PocketConnie  We will try our best to reschedule you.  You will not gain access to the web tools until you have completed the Foundational Skills Workshop. 

Can I purchase PocketConnie for my school or district? 

Yes! School and district level PD can be customized to meet the needs of your learning community.  Fill out our contact form to get started! 

I purchased a bundle but did not get a Paypal receipt.  What should I do? 

Please contact us ASAP at so we can confirm your order. 

Still have questions? 

Email us at